Our Raise-A-Docks provide the simplicity of a seasonal dock without the hassle of installation and removal and nearly the stability of a permanent structure.

Just think, no more getting into cold water for spring installation and fall removal. With our unique self-stowing A-frame operated by a winch, you too can Raise-A-Dock!  Simply remove the easy to handle, drop-in Endeck vinyl decking panels, connect the cables and crank away. (Electric winch optional).

Available in several standard sizes, 4’ or 6’ width by 18, 24, 30 or 40’ lengths as well as custom by request. We only use sturdy, long-lasting 1 ½“schedule 80 aluminum pipe for infinite height adjustment – these docks are made to secure a boat! This seasonal dock is as close as you can get to a permanent dock.

The bi-level frame is constructed of rugged, all aluminum box tubing with a hidden A-frame securely attached to the shore; this patented dock is designed for ease of installation and years of carefree use.